September, 2015

Our new CPTV program explores Pratt & Whitney's 'Keys to the Sky'

The history of aviation is full of stories – romance and danger, risks and successes. It is a testament to achieving what had once seemed impossible.

But before the industry could truly take off, it needed a proper foundation.

Frederick Rentschler had an early vision for that foundation, saying “the best airplane could only be designed around the best engine.”

Our latest collaboration with CPTV, "Keys to the Sky," explores Pratt & Whitney's 90 years of innovation and its role in our history of flight.

Learn more at and stay tuned for the air date!



Helping students see science as a lens on the world

We're really excited to share a series of videos we worked hard this summer producing for The City University of New York's Macaulay Honors College. Part of a course called Science Forward, the videos help encourage critical thinking skills in various subject areas. Our videos for Season 2 include: Astronomy, Geology, Animal Communication, Water, Drug Discovery and Development, Tools of Seeing and Scientific Uncertainty.

We got to meet scientists who are studying deadly marine snails to develop new drugs. We learned about how birds practicing new songs can help us understand how babies begin to speak. And we traveled all around New York City, shooting in Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Plumb Beach, the New York Botancial Garden and more.

A huge thanks to the CUNY executive producers Lisa Brundage, Kelly O'Donnell and Joseph Ugoretz and Season 2 host, Astrophysicist Summer Ash.

To see all the videos, go to: