Our Work

Water Works: Bringing Pure, Clean Water to Connecticut

We worked with CPTV to create two hour-long documentaries about how we get clean water in Connecticut, how it gets taken away and why all that is so important. These two clips show our use of drone footage to highlight the vast beauty of our reservoir system and the Connecticut River, which is recovering after years of being a receptacle for untreated wastwater.







Science Forward

In our project with the City University of New York's Macaulay Honors College, we helped students learn about critical thinking skills for a course called Science Forward.

We got to meet scientists who are studying deadly marine snails to develop new drugs. We learned about how birds practicing new songs can help us understand how babies begin to speak. And we traveled all around New York City, shooting in Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Plumb Beach, the New York Botancial Garden and more.

Below you can view Geology, one of seven videos that were part of Season 2. To see all the videos, go to: http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/scienceforward/videos/



Celebrating Pratt & Whitney's 90th anniversary

We worked with CPTV to produce a program that tells the story of how Pratt & Whitney helped to create the modern aviation industry while building the best aircraft engines in the world.

It examines the company’s origins and founder Frederick Rentschler’s revolutionary “Wasp,” the air-cooled radial engine that was immediately adopted for use by the US military.

And it tells the story of how commercial airlines, using Pratt & Whitney engines, began to make the world a smaller place as passengers could reach places they never had before.



Telling Stories for the Greater Good

We love all the work we've done with foundations and nonprofit organizations. So we made a demo reel that we hope will inspire others to tell their stories through video.

Get a peek into the stories of a wounded soldier who gets a new lease on life from a guide dog ... a school that's turning the tide of hopelessness for girls in Kenya ... a returning war veteran struggling with single motherhood ... and a legendary actor with a big heart and an extraordinary vision.




Vocabulary For Success

The challenge: Produce nearly 900 videos – each explaining a single vocabulary word -- to accompany a series of middle school textbooks for publisher William H. Sadlier.

The solution: We think of ourselves as problem-solvers. With a limited amount of time and no budget to hire actors, we devised a series of short skits that could be shot quickly. We then found a local children’s theater group to participate. Using props and as much humor as possible, we delivered a series of fun videos that students will learn from and remember.



Emmy Award-Winning Documentary

The challenge: Produce a documentary exploring the challenges facing the newspaper industry through the eyes of one struggling Connecticut newspaper.

The solution: We like to take initiative. This project didn’t come from a client, nor did it have funding. Inspired by an article about the imminent closure of The Bristol Press, we decided the newspaper’s journey and its larger implications just made a great story. We captured the story as it unfolded – from capturing a quiet newsroom on Christmas Eve to covering press conferences when government officials tried to step in. We found a partner in Connecticut Public Television and ultimately won an Emmy award for On Deadline: Is Time Running Out for the Press?.



The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

The challenge: Provide Human Relations Media with a program that will warn high school students across the country about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.

The solution: We always consider our audience. We know kids like to hear from other kids, so we found real teenagers who had struggled with prescription drug abuse. Then we had them talk with one another in a group about their experiences. We enhanced the show with music video techniques and cutting-edge graphics.



Loss Control

The challenge: Explain The Hartford’s loss control operations to internal and external audiences.

Our solution: We believe any concept can be interesting. The key, in this case, was department director Al Relyea. His passion for the job came through as he explained how the devastation of the Great Chicago Fire spurred an entire industry to help businesses prevent losses. We got a behind-the-scenes look at The Hartford’s labs to show how they protect all kinds of companies – from theater production troupes to golf ball manufacturers.



Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future

The challenge: Help the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future to enhance the image of the nursing profession and recruit new nurses, in the face of a severe nursing shortage.

Our solution: We say doing research pays off. So we auditioned about 70 nurses and selected six with the most compelling stories to tell. Then we offered a glimpse into their lives on and off the job, including one woman who gave up a high-powered career in international business to follow a passion to become an ER nurse.