Who are we?

We're professionals. Our experience in video direction and production combined with writing and journalism backgrounds give us a unique approach to telling your story. We live by our deadlines and keep projects affordable.

We're award-winners. We think it’s OK to brag a little when our hard work is recognized. Plus, it’s pretty cool to have an Emmy statue on your desk.

And, we're family. That means we're together a lot, coming up with ideas for you both in and out of the office. We're never really off the clock.

John O'Neill

The executive producer/director on all projects, John has a degree in film studies and more than 30 years of experience producing film and video. He’s used these skills for scores of clients, from small non-profits to Fortune 100 Corporations.

Growing up as one of 10 kids, John quickly learned how to manage large groups of people and never got into any trouble, according to his mother. He loves his job because it gives him a chance to travel and watch lots of movies and TV, which he calls “looking for ideas.” An avid consumer of books, NPR and documentaries, he loves to share his knowledge. And show off when watching Jeopardy! with his wife.

Rosemary Keogh O'Neill

A scriptwriter and copywriter, Rosemary has a degree in journalism and is a former copy editor and reporter for The Hartford Courant. With added experience working in public relations for insurance companies, she also handles marketing and public relations copywriting for corporate clients.

She displayed her innovation and leadership skills at a young age by starting the girls' basketball program at her high school with 10 girls, a single basketball and duct tape for player numbers. It was only a problem when the players sweated and the numbers peeled off. Oh, and when the team's record ended at 1-12.

Katie Warchut

A producer and editor, Katie has a journalism degree and is a former reporter and videographer at The Day newspaper. She was also a writer at The Providence Journal and The Arizona Republic.

Her journalistic skills were discovered as a child, when she wrote an essay for her parents exposing her brother's ploys to get out of doing the dishes. She loves trying new foods, writing restaurant reviews and the Red Sox.



We also draw from a team of experienced directors of photography, audio engineers, lighting experts, editors and designers who help us deliver the best video productions for our clients.


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