March, 2012

We're helping promote literacy. You should too!

In addition to her countless hours of script- and copy-writing and managing a business, Kinetic Media president Rosemary O'Neill likes to support a cause she's passionate about: reading.

She recently helped found the Central Connecticut chapter of Room to Read, a nonprofit organization that distributes books, builds libraries and promotes literacy worldwide. 

Room to Read was started by a former Microsoft executive who was appalled at the lack of books in developing countries and is one of America’s fastest-growing charities. Since its inception 10 years ago, Room to Read has built 12,000 libraries and funded 10,400 long-term scholarships for girls. 

After reading a column about the organization in the New York Times, Rosemary and fellow book group member Elizabeth Bartron decided Connecticut needed a chapter. Already, the new group -- the 53rd Room to Read chapter around the globe -- raised close to $1,500 at its first event, a Girls’ Night In/Boys’ Night In on Feb. 23rd.

You can help too, with even a small contribution. For $250, you can educate a girl for a year. Just $5,000 builds an entire library for a community that has no books.

Check out the chapter’s next event on March 18th, a book swap at the Pond House Grille, 2935 Main St., Glastonbury, CT, from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Participants will bring a book, take a book and make a donation to Room to Read. People can drop books off for the swap at the Pond House any time between now and March 18th. To meet the local Room to Read team, join us for brunch beforehand at the Pond House Grille.

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