January, 2012

Video a key part of the textbook revolution

We're pretty excited about Apple's recent plans to revolutionize digital textbooks. Why? Because it means educational publishers will have to start thinking about how they can turn their boring old text into video.

In case you haven't heard, iBooks 2 (to be used by students on the iPad) will make textbooks interactive, by using video, animation, search features and more. They say the move could do for publishing what iTunes did for music.

Video makes learning come alive. In today's digital world, it's always at their fingertips. It just makes sense. We loved helping kids learn with our vocabulary videos and we hope to use our knowledge and skills for math, science, history and more.

Got a video idea?

We just joined the MetroHartford Alliance and sent out this email as an introduction. Deadline is end of January. We're hoping to get a few creative responses!

Ever wish you had a little video that captured the essence of your business? Something you could post on your web site or tweet or email or show on a mobile device?

Too expensive, you say? Not when it's free. You read it right. Free.

We're Kinetic Media, a video production company. We've been in business in the Hartford area for 20 years, but we're new to MetroHartford Alliance. We thought this might be a fun way for us to get to know each other.

So, here's the deal. Send us a short proposal for a one-minute (or so) video that would help you promote your business. Make sure it's visual (not just a talking head, please), local, and tells a simple story. Clever would be nice, too, and we can help with that.

We'll have a panel pick the most creative and do-able idea and then we'll produce it for free. And you'll have a video that's worth at least $5,000. It's that simple.

Our vocabulary video project gets some press

It was probably our biggest undertaking yet: making nearly 900 videos to explain vocabulary words to middle school students in a matter of six months. Now our accomplishment is getting some recognition. EContent Magazine featured our project, which we did for educational publisher William H. Sadlier, in a case study of how digital content is entering the world of education.

"Kinetic (Media) always brought a great blend of their own creativity," Michael Ferejohn, Sadlier's director of digital media, says in the article. "They are filmmakers so they are very creative people, but also have a real understanding of the education market and what we were trying to accomplish in terms of motivating it but also providing instruction to students."

Read the full story here.