High schools and marketing? Yes, it's time to invest in educational video

We've done lots of educational videos over the years, but getting an inquiry about promoting a public high school late this summer was new to us.

In Southeastern Connecticut, The Day newspaper explained this week what we learned.

"Choosing a high school," Mike DiMauro writes, "...has become a walk through the buffet line, children and their parents studying the options with a chess champion's concentration. Magnet school? Private school? Agri-Science? Marine sciences? Regular old high school?"

Everyone has to compete, and so everyone has to invest in marketing -- even the public schools that have never had to sell their educational product before.

Ledyard High School's inquiry turned into a simple editing job of footage they had shot themselves. But our experience working with educational experts, teasing out great parent and student testimonials, and showcasing new learning technologies makes us uniquely positioned to help high schools across the state.

Whether public, charter, private or magnet, we can show prospective students all you have to offer, affordably and effectively.