Happy 250th birthday Hartford Courant!

Today's the day! On Oct. 29, 1764, the first issue of what is now called The Hartford Courant was published.

The paper has been celebrating this milestone all year long, and will conclude with the program we produced in conjunction with Connecticut Public Television.

"One Moment, One Image: Connecticut History Through the Eyes of a Photojournalist" will air on Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. on Fox CT.

"One Moment" shows us the true power photographs have on how we experience our world. In Connecticut, those images have connected us to history and to each other. They have come from the state’s news source, The Hartford Courant.

To learn about these images, we had to go behind the camera – to the photographers themselves. Courant photographers both past and present – Stephen Dunn, Cloe Poisson, Mark Mirko, John Long and Michael McAndrews -- explain how they go about finding the best moments to capture. We follow Courant photographers on the job, watching how they interact with their subjects or simply blend in.

We also traveled back in time, talking to University of Connecticut professors about history and news photography’s evolution. And of course, the Hartford Courant’s vast archives, which are older than our nation, were the key to illustrating Connecticut’s historical events since the use of photography in the news.

From culture and crime to sports and politics, “One Moment, One Image” covers a wide array of events big and small. It brings us into the present, as the Courant’s leaders look forward to a future that honors the past but continues to evolve in our digital world.