Got a video idea?

We just joined the MetroHartford Alliance and sent out this email as an introduction. Deadline is end of January. We're hoping to get a few creative responses!

Ever wish you had a little video that captured the essence of your business? Something you could post on your web site or tweet or email or show on a mobile device?

Too expensive, you say? Not when it's free. You read it right. Free.

We're Kinetic Media, a video production company. We've been in business in the Hartford area for 20 years, but we're new to MetroHartford Alliance. We thought this might be a fun way for us to get to know each other.

So, here's the deal. Send us a short proposal for a one-minute (or so) video that would help you promote your business. Make sure it's visual (not just a talking head, please), local, and tells a simple story. Clever would be nice, too, and we can help with that.

We'll have a panel pick the most creative and do-able idea and then we'll produce it for free. And you'll have a video that's worth at least $5,000. It's that simple.